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  • Name: Anastasia
  • Location: Charlotte, NC
  • Model Type: Female Escort
  • Shoots: 2
  • Charlotte Escort

Charlotte Escort Photographer Review

Working with Megan far exceeded any expectations I could have ever had. I had tons of shopping for professional photographers, prior to finding Megan. When I first saw her photos, I was dying to have the opportunity to work with her. Her photos were just beautiful. I was so nervous and anxious before the shoot. My anxiety was a complete waste of time since she immediately put me at ease. When it comes to posing in front of a camera, I am completely lost. But Megan was so accepting, down to earth, and helpful. With her guidance and patience, I ended up with some incredible shots that I will have forever. I have had photos taken by professional photographers for personal use, and those photos paled in comparison to the ones taken by Megan. The ability that she has with natural lighting is superb, and I've never experienced or seen anything like it. When she sent me the photos after our session my jaw literally dropped. I had never seen myself look so beautiful, classy, and seductive in the same photo. And it wasn't just one photo; it was almost all of them. It actually took me several hours to decide which ones I was absolutely in love with; there were just so many. Talk about a serious boost in self-confidence. That was the first time I have ever experienced such excitement when choosing from photos of myself. I don't see myself ever choosing to work with any other photographer other than her. Ultimately, there really are no words to describe how fabulous Megan's photography and editing skills are. I wouldn't call Megan a photographer; that would not do her justice. I would call her an artiste.

Anastasia, Charlotte

Photo Shoot in Charlotte - February 2015

Alluring Anastasia 1
Charlotte, NC February 2015
Alluring Anastasia 2
Charlotte, NC February 2015
Alluring Anastasia 3
Charlotte, NC February 2015
Alluring Anastasia 4
Charlotte, NC February 2015

Photo Shoot in Asheville, NC - May 2015

Alluring Anastasia 5
Asheville, NC May 2015
Alluring Anastasia 6
Asheville, NC May 2015
Alluring Anastasia 7
Asheville, NC May 2015
Alluring Anastasia 8
Asheville, NC May 2015
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