Boudoir Photography Details

Do you want to know what to expect during a boudoir photoshoot? Do you need to know how to prepare and get the most out of your experience? I'll give you details of my process and some photoshoot advice & suggestions you can use that will make for a better session. Keep in mind that since all models are unique and the circumstances involved with their shoots can be vastly different, these details should be looked at as a general guide, but not necessarily set in stone.

What You Can Expect

If we haven't already been in contact previously, then I will contact you by email shortly after you fill out my contact form. We will discuss the specifics of your form and I will try to get an even better idea of the type of look(s) you are wanting. I might ask about any concerns you have and any problems you might have experienced with past boudoir photographers and erotic photo shoots. I might also make some suggestions so that we can bounce ideas off each other until we are both confident that we know what to expect and what we are trying to accomplish.

Figuring out the timeframe and what type of looks you are going for and any other input and ideas you have will help me begin the process of finding the location of the photo shoot. This initial communication is extremely important for choosing the most appropriate venue. You can expect that we will probably communicate several times leading up to the day of the shoot, and during this time I will be sure to inform you of any venue ideas or changes to our plans.

See my Suggestions below to see how you can be better prepared.

Tips & Advice for a successful photoshoot

Drink plenty of water

Start drinking plenty of water several days before a shoot. This will keep your skin properly hydrated and help reduce bloating and water retention. A week before your shoot you should try to stay away from foods with high carbs and sugary, salty, greasy, and spicy foods, as these can cause problems with bloating, water retention, and skin irritation.

Get plenty of rest

Getting plenty of sleep and rest before a photo shoot is essential for success. Proper rest isn't just important for getting rid of dark circles under your eyes and eliminating that overall tired look you might have, but it is also crucial for the mental aspect that is required when you are posing in front of a camera for several hours. You'll need to be clear-headed, alert, responsive and upbeat for a successful session. You can't do that if you are tired before you even get to the shoot.

Get your nails done

Make sure you have your fingernails and toenails manicured before you arrive. It can really make a big difference between getting great images and just good images. A neutral color(a nude polish or American or French manicure) is generally what works best, because it will go with anything you wear, but what color you choose for your nails is entirely up to you.

Plan ahead for photo retouching

Pretty much all photographs go through some kind of retouching before being presented as a photographer's final product. This is especially true with boudoir photography. My photography is no different. Excluding creative and artistic expression with some photos, I generally tend to stay away from heavy retouching during the editing process. I don't want to deceive anyone with my photography, and I try to accent and enhance my model's assets rather than hide and remove things. I feel that if I have to over-edit your photos, then I have failed as a photographer.

That being said, some ladies choose to not show their face or want to cover up distinguishable tattoos. Things like face blurring, tattoo and blemish removal, and even trimming and slenderizing can be done while I am retouching a photo. There are, however, things to consider and steps that can be taken prior to the camera capturing your image that can help make the editing process much simpler and even create a better final product.

Face Blurring

For the ladies who prefer to not show their face, but don't want a blurred photo, the simple act of tilting your head or letting your hair cover your face can help to achieve a great image without having to blur your face during the editing process. Of course I will work with you to make sure your face doesn't show, but it can go a long way to create better images if you take the time to consider how you can best hide your face. Masks(as well as hats, books, fans, etc.) are a great way to hide your facial features while also helping to create very artistic and unique shots.

Tattoos & Blemishes

A little preparation can go a long way if you have any distinguishable tattoos or any kind of larger blemishes that you don't want to show up on your photos. The use of Dermablend or any other quality cosmetic cover up can do a great job of covering those up before any retouching is even attempted. This can vastly improve the quality of a final retouched photo, because it requires much less photo manipulation and helps speed up the editing process.


I am a photographer, not a plastic surgeon. I can only do so much with Photoshop and, like I said, I prefer not to deceive with my photos. If you have any concerns about weight, then you might want to consider incorporating any sliming undergarments or figure-flattering clothing(corsets, girdle, spanx, etc.) during our shoot. If you are comfortable with your weight and appearance, whether you are a BBW type model or not, then I am comfortable taking your pictures. Confidence during the picture taking process goes a long, long way.

Show up wearing loose fitting clothing

Tight-fitting jeans and other restrictive clothing and apparel can leave impressions and discolorations on your skin that can possibly take hours to fade away. This can deteriorate the quality of images taken during an erotic photography session where you are usually showing plenty of skin. Showing up to a boudoir photo shoot in jogging pants or yoga pants and a t-shirt is always a good idea if you want to avoid this photo shoot faux pas.

Be positive and upbeat

The right attitude can make or break a photo shoot. Showing up with a positive attitude is key to creating the right atmosphere needed for a successful session. Sometimes all of the directions, instructions and changes being made during a shoot can seem a little overwhelming if you're not used to it. Showing up with positivity and confidence will help immensely with overcoming all of the stress. Not only that, but happy and confident models always make for the best photographs.