Frequently Asked Questions

This page will help answer some of my most frequently asked questions.

Do you shoot alone or have an assistant?

For shorter sessions, I usually shoot alone. But when I have longer shoots or Diva shoots, I bring an assistant/second shooter with me, which is my husband. He's a perfect gentleman, respectful, and he's almost as talented as me... almost.

Longer photo shoots require a lot more work, and an assistant really makes everything go more smoothly and efficiently. Not having to worry as much about my equipment and setting up and tearing everything down gives me more time to focus on you and help with outfits, poses, and ideas. If you're not comfortable with this, then I completely understand and will come alone.

Do you get the location?

This really depends on the circumstances of our shoot and what kind of package you are choosing. Most of the time when I am traveling for photo shoots, I try to have several shoots lined up to offset my expenses. A nice, regular room is usually sufficient in most cases, and I can provide that most of the time. However, some cities are very limited and/or very, very expensive when it comes to more upscale rooms. This is something you need to keep in mind as we are working out the details of your shoot.

The location of our shoot is extremely important to me, so I stay away from "cheap" when trying to scout out locations. This doesn't always mean spending a lot on the rooms, but it can get expensive when I travel hundreds of miles for only one or two shoots. And, like I said, some cities are very limited and very expensive when it comes to finding nicer rooms. So, obviously, it wouldn't make much sense to spend $500+ to reserve a really nice hotel room(plus other travel expenses) for a $400 or $700 shoot. A lot of times, though, the actual location isn't as big of an issue with the ladies as it is to me, because I can get good shots wherever we are, so most of the time it really depends on each lady's preferences.

If you are wanting something more upscale or unique than what I might normally provide as far as a location, then you will more than likely have to make arrangements to get the room. The only way to be assured of getting a really upscale room and still have me provide the location is to have an additional $200 Location Fee added to your package. This is something we will have to discuss further after you've contacted me.

Can I get all of my unedited images?

There is an additional fee of $50 for providing unedited images. You will need to let me know before our shoot so I can make the proper arrangements. If you choose this option, then after our shoot is over I will put all of your unedited images on a USB card that I will give to you. If you are getting one of the Diva Packages, then your unedited images are included with your package.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, in most cases I do require a $200 deposit. I get a lot of inquiries and requests for specific days and times. Most of the time I am traveling a long distance to make these shoots happen, and I have to have precise scheduling for everything to go smoothly. One or two cancellations or a girl that simply no-shows can not only mess up my own travel plans, but it can also affect other shoots that I have lined up for my trip. I've found that the ladies who are more serious about booking and following through have no problem with a deposit. This deposit is fully refundable should I have to cancel our shoot for any reason.

What kind of outfits should I bring?

This is your photo shoot, so what you wear is really up to you. I would highly suggest that you find quality items, because if it's cheap, then there is a good chance it will look cheap. Quality doesn't always mean you have to spend more. Some items I would suggest:
  • Matching Bra & Panty Set
  • Stockings
  • Corset
  • Garters
  • Girdles & Waist Cinchers
  • Slips & Camisoles
  • Your favorite jeans
  • Nice Blouse & Skirts
  • Cocktail Dress or Sundress
  • Robes & Gowns
  • Swimsuit
  • Nice Heels
  • Books, Toys, Hats, etc.
This store has many of the items listed, and they are all great quality at great prices.
Secrets in Lace, Lingerie Store

Do you do outdoor shoots?

Yes. Your session doesn't have to be limited to a traditional type of boudoir photography shoot. I have done many outdoor shoots and can incorporate them into your package if you like. There is, however, usually more planning involved because of the location and possible driving time, lighting and time of day, weather, etc.

Do you work with BBW or plus size models?

Absolutely. I can photograph all shapes and sizes. The only thing I ask is that you are confident and comfortable with your own body, whatever body type it might be. A few things to keep in mind before contacting me about a shoot and during a shoot:
  • If you look in the mirror and aren't somewhat comfortable with your body, then contacting me at this point is a bad idea
  • If you are a size 18, don't expect me to make you a size 10
  • I am not comfortable being deceitful with my editing
  • While I do use softening and other editing techniques where needed, I will NOT "airbrush"
  • The more comfortable you are with your body, the better your shoot will turn out

Do you photograph male models?

No. All of my experience is with female models and I feel most comfortable with them.

Do you provide hair and makeup?

Not at this time.

Do you provide any clothing or wardrobe?

In some cases, yes. But this is very limited at the moment.

Questions & Suggestions

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