Terms & Conditions

Updated & Effective: December 10, 2023

Standard boilerplate Terms & Conditions pages for businesses and websites are often riddled with legal jargon that is either difficult to understand and follow or not written in a way that best represents a particular business or website. This document should make everything much more streamlined, simplified, and easier to understand.

The Terms & Conditions statements found on this page are in relation to Megan Love Erotic Photography and material found on the websites www.meganlove.net and www.meganlovephotography.com. All instances of MLEP and this website found in this document are in reference to Megan Love Erotic Photography and its websites www.meganlove.net, www.meganlovephotography.com, and any related subdomains.

Age Requirement

Because of the nature of MLEP images and the content displayed on this website, MLEP requires that all models be 21 years of age or older at the time of a photo shoot. By contacting MLEP and filling out an appointment form on this website, you attest that you are at least 21 years of age(or will be at the time of the shoot) and that you are the actual model requesting the photo shoot. No third-party bookings or representatives of a model will be accepted or considered for an appointment.


Once you have received confirmation of a day(s) scheduled for your photo shoot with MLEP, a $200 deposit is required to finalize and secure the appointment. This deposit is fully refundable should MLEP have to cancel the appointment for the scheduled day and time. In some situations, a full or partial refund of the deposit could be in order should you be the one to cancel, but this will be at the sole discretion of MLEP.

Image Copyright & Usage

MLEP retains the rights to all images created during a photography session. All images, logos, and text found on this site are the intellectual property of MLEP. You may NOT download images or text found on this website without written consent from MLEP.

You(The Model) are permitted to edit, sell, and use all edited and unedited images created for You(The Model) by MLEP in whatever way you choose to use them, as long as the use of these images does not constitute a violation of any laws, and just as long as credit for these images is given to MLEP. You do, however, understand that MLEP still retains full copyright and unlimited usage rights of these images on this website or any promotional materials(testimonials, logos, banners, etc.) for this website.

Considering the nature of this type of photography, MLEP gives each model the option of requesting to have her images removed from this website for any personal reasons. The decision to remove the images will be at the discretion of MLEP.


Written statements, whether they be through email, text, or any other correspondence, and any audio/video media submitted to MLEP as a Testimonial will be used on this website for promotional purposes. By submitting material as a Testimonial, you acknowledge and approve of its use on this website. Once submitted, these Testimonials become the intellectual property of MLEP, and their use on this website will be at the discretion of MLEP.

Change in Terms & Conditions

MLEP may change, modify, and/or add to the Terms & Conditions on this website at any time. By using this website, it is your responsibility to revisit this page on a regular basis to review any changes made. Continued use of this website and MLEP services shall constitute your acceptance of these changes and updates.